• Mt. Pulag Adventure

    If you have read my Most embarrassing moment entry, you know that I nearly died that day we climbed Mt. Pulag. I’m glad I survived and reached the summit. My husband put Mt Pulag at the top of the list … Continue reading

  • Ask Your Husband Challenge!

    It’s your turn! Why don’t you list down questions that you want to ask? You may also use the 15 questions I listed and also share it with your friends. Remind your husband to be honest with his answers. Take this challenge and have a nice conversation with your husband today! You may also post/publish yours.
    Continue reading

  • Does long distance relationship work? 

    There are people who say long distance relationships are destined to fail. They say it couldn’t be a real one if you are not physically together. I respect everyone’s opinion, but these statements are not generally true even if you … Continue reading


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