Day 1 – Name my Blog

How did I come up with my blog’s name? I already had an existing WordPress blog before I created this one, but since I just got married, I thought I would set up another blog to share my journey as a wife. I had listed a number of names and checked if they were already taken. When I have already sorted them out, I asked my siblings to pick out what they liked the most. In the end, I have come up with happywifeyheart. My brother loved it and my husband liked it too! I wrote about what this blog is all about in the About section.

I chose the happywifeyheart as the name for my blog because being a wife is a lot of work and there will be times when we will feel that it’s too much and the problems can drag us down stealing our joy and happiness. By admitting that we are facing a problem and by assessing our situations with honesty, a resolution could not be far. We have the choice to walk away but we also have the choice to deal with the situation and be willing to look at our shortcomings or weaknesses. I always believe that the truth sets us free, and when we always search for truth in our marriage, it leads to a resolution that makes our relationship with our spouses stronger, better, and happier.

If you want to start this challenge too, please refer to 30-day blogging challenge post.

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