Day 2 – Five Interesting Facts About Me

I admit, to think of something interesting facts about yourself is not as easy as day 1 but I had a fun time thinking about it. My husband also accepted the challenge but he does his challenge on FB and I enjoy what he’s writing. It’s a nice feeling that we got to do the same thing. Anyways, here are the five facts about me.

Fact # 1 I was born at home and my grandma delivered me.

Yes, you heard it right, my grandma was the one who delivered me and I love it when my mom tells me the story. My grandma was a faith healer and when my mom said her water broke, my grandma told her to sit on the bed. Granny bent towards her head and whispered something in Latin. My mom felt like she was going to urinate and when she did, I came out with it. She didn’t have to push me at all. It was an amazing story.

Fact # 2 I got in trouble in school when I was 11 years old for slapping my classmate’s face.

When I was in grade-school I was an easy target for bullying because I was shy and quiet. Back then I was a fan of one of the Tele Novelas (TV Soap Opera) entitled Mara Clara. I watched a scene in one of the episodes where Mara (the nice girl) fought back and slapped Clara (the bad girl) because she was fed up with the bullying. When Clara was about to slap back, Mara stopped her by holding her hand so she was not hit. And guess what, I did the same thing to the girl in school who was trying to bully me. I was sent to the principal’s office.

Fact # 3 I don’t watch horror movies.

No one can convince me to watch horror movies even my husband. The last time I watched a horror movie I was terrified for a couple of weeks and couldn’t go to the bathroom without being paranoid. I swore to myself, it will be the last horror movie for me.

Fact # 4 I am a musical person.

I always love singing even when I was little. I can play the guitar, keyboards, and ukelele.

Fact # 5 I love everything Japanese.

I am amazed by Japanese people and their culture. I even tried to learn Nihongo before but forgot what I’ve learned eventually. Going to Japan and teaching there is always on my bucket list.

There you are, I hope I didn’t bore you! Can’t wait to read what my husband’s five facts are.

If you want to start this challenge too, please refer to the 30-day blogging challenge post.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 – Five Interesting Facts About Me

  1. Oh I’m the same way about horror flicks! After I watch ’em I’m paranoid for weeks! But once I forget about that movie I need to watch another, it’s a strange obsession lol.

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