Day 12 – Five Countries I want To Visit

I’m happy to have new followers recently. Thank you Hunida and Keira. You two are awesome! It’s always nice to know that someone is reading your blog. Today’s writing task is five countries you want to visit.

#1 Canada

This is number one on my list because my husband is a Canadian. To give you some info, my husband and I met online and dated online for a year. When he went here in the Philippines last May 2017, we got married. After six weeks, my husband went back to Canada, and everyday I’m dreaming of being united with him again. Because I live in a third world country, getting a visa is not easy. As of now, we are still waiting for some documents so finally we can file a spousal visa application. Aside from my husband’s province Nova Scotia, I want to visit Ottawa, Quebec, and PEI. I’m excited for that.

#2 Japan

If I’m going to visit a country next to Canada, it would be Japan. I’m fascinated with Japan’s culture and people. From how they invent things, how they are passionate with what they do, and how they preserve their culture and traditions.

#3 Greece

I appreciate beauty and art and I am amazed of the structures and fountains in Greece. I would like to have a taste of their food too. My husband has a Greek neighbor and owns a store that serves Donaire. My husband says it’s really delicious. We have some kind of donaire here in the Philippines but my husband says Pictou County’s donaire is way way better, so I guess food in Greece must be really good.

#4 Israel

I want to visit Israel because I’m reading the Bible and somehow I want to see for myself how it feels like to be there. I want to swim in the Red Sea. My husband is not keen to visit Israel but I still hope someday I could go there.

#5 Maldives

I like nature especially sunrise and sunset at the beach. I also love snorkeling and seeing beautiful corals. When I see pictures of Maldives it feels like home because like Philippines, it’s also a tropical country.

There you are. If you want to participate in this challenge, Please read the Start blogging with the 30-day blogging challenge post. Have a great day!

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