Day 13 – My Favorite Pet

To tell you honestly, I’m not into pets anymore. When I was in college I had a dog, her name was Beauty and I adored her. One day while I was walking home from school, I passed by a dog by laying by the side road, people were looking at it but I kept walking. When I got home, no one was there and Beauty wasn’t also there to greet me. I checked the rooms but I didn’t find her. I called her name aloud, but there was no Beauty. My heart beat fast and my stomach started to hurt. I hurried out to the street where the dog were laying, and I saw there, my dear Beauty lifeless. The people said she was hit by a car.

I grieved for a week or two, I remembered Beauty all the time. My sister is a cat and dog lover and all members of the family take care of her pets. But even though I look after them, I don’t feel any affection for them. I rarely pick them up or rub them. I just do it occasionally. I guess it’s psychological because of a loss years ago.

But maybe someday, I’ll get one. But if ever I would have a pet again, it would be a pug. Other people find them ugly, but I find them very cute. I am not a very active person so I really like a lap dog. The one that would just sit beside me or stay on my lap. Maybe someday.


4 thoughts on “Day 13 – My Favorite Pet

  1. i have two dogs and i still want a PUG!! they are so cuuuuuute!!!! hahahahha. i know what you felt when you see beauty on the street, lifeless. i also had another dog, his name was bonjing, he died also. and i had a cat, and it was hit by a truck. i cried and cried and cried and lock myself in my room. there’s always a soft spot in my heart for dogs and cat, and i treat them like a baby.

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