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Burgers For Beginners

It was my first take on making burgers and fortunately my husband loved it, so I’m sharing this for beginners like me. Gather your ingredients and start making your first burger.

Get a pan and spread butter on it. Put your formed beef patties and sprinkle pepper and salt on both sides. You need to remember that patties shrink as they cook so make them wider and a little thicker.

While waiting, prepare your buns and other condiments. I used brown bread because we were out of buns. I spreaded some mayonaise and put boston lettuce and tomatoes.

Chop some onions and put it on the pan while your burger is cooking. You can put them aside once cooked and put them on top of your patties later.

Once your patties are already cooked, put the slices of cheese on top and let them melt. Cover the pan for 30 seconds to melt the cheese.

Once the cheese is melted you can now put the patties on your buns. Put the onions on top of the patties and add some ketchup and mustard if you prefer.

Here’s the finished product.

We loved how it turned out. Try to experiment the next time like adding bacon, chili, and different kinds of cheese! It’s your choice!

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First Valentine’s in Canada with hubby

How did your Valentine’s Day go? I started mine by making my husband breakfast sandwiches which I shaped like hearts, although I was not actually satisfied with how it turned out.

While I was making my husband’s breakfast, he said he will get some orange juice from Sobeys because we ran out of it. I said okay because the grocery store is just around the corner. He was back right before I finished preparing the sandwiches. I brought his breakfast into our bedroom and when I opened the door I immediately noticed the orchid he placed by window. I loved it!

I was actually surprised that he managed to surprise me because he’s not really good with surprises because I always find out, lol. He also gave this card that he made.

Above text : I’m so happy that you’re here. I love you very much.
Girl: It’s so cold here.
Boy: I love you.

Isn’t he sweet? I know men in general find it mushy so I’m really happy that he doesn’t feel embarassed doing things like this to make me feel loved. It warms my heart and reminds me how blessed I am. This is not the only card I received. My sweet step-daughter gave me a card too. And hey, it has a coupon with it! What do you think I should choose? She’s so thoughtful I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face.

My back has been sore for a week so I was not expecting that we will go out. My husband decided to bring me to a nearby restaurant. He brought me to Andre’s Pizza Seats. It was my first time to go there and when I entered the place I found it pretty. The ambiance was so nostalgic.

Here is My Valentine.

The food was really good and the portion was really generous that I couldn’t finish it all I had to take some home. We enjoyed all the food we ordered. The lady who served us was really nice. I recommend this place.

I would be happy to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband at home watching a movie so I really appreciate that he took me out for dinner. My heart was full on Valentine’s Day.

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A night with James Mullinger

A month ago when we walked the Albion trail to New Glasgow, we visited the New Glasgow Square and checked on some upcoming events. One event that caught our interest was the James Mullinger Tour showing on February 8. My husband decided to get the tickets.

James Mullinger is a comedian from England who moved to St. John, New Brunswick to spend more time with his family as he practiced his craft. His move to New Brunswick was a challenge because he was not sure if the people would welcome his comedy. Fortunately, his decision was a success because when he held a show in 2016 at Harbour Station Arena in St John, the tickets were sold out!It outsold Jerry Seinfeld, Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Jeff Dunham.

I was not actually expecting a lot because I was not sure if I will be able to relate with his jokes because of the culture difference. I was surprised because from the moment he opened his mouth I couldn’t stop laughing. He was a natural and it felt like having a conversation with a friend who tells hilarious experiences of moving to another country. Yes! I could relate with him!

His jokes circled around Maritime’s culture and people’s way of living which are different from where he came from. I find it very funny when he took out a New Brunswick newspaper and compared it with the news in England. A report of a couple hoping to open a pita pit franchise made it to the front page. Here is an example video:

I also noticed the same thing here in Stellarton. We went to see a play at the New Glasgow Academy, on the day of its showing, I saw it on the front page of the newspaper. There’s so little violence to report here that a school play makes the front page, I just love it!

We had a lot of fun that night. It’s nice to hear ourselves laughing out loud. I’m glad he bought the tickets. After the the show, James went to the lobby to greet the people. One of the staff offered to take a photo!

You can catch one of his shows here:

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I miss the Filipino Food!

If there’s one thing I miss besides my family, it’s the food from the Philippines!

We’re very lucky to belong in the Filipino Community here in Canada because it’s makes a lot of difference. They’ve been settled here for quite a while, and it’s a comfort that you have someone to turn to for advice when you encounter things with uncertainty. You not only get to hear their experiences and advice, you also get to eat their Filipino cooking! My husband and I get invited to Filipino gatherings and we get to eat Filipino food. Oh, he loves… Filipino food.

Before I came to Canada, I was able to have contact with my husband’s Filipino friends, Emerson and Rizza from the Christian Fellowship Church. We feel really blessed with this couple because they are always there to pray for us and answer our questions with regards to my visa application. Emerson was the one who drove my husband to the airport to pick me up and Rizza was the one who arranged a welcome party for me. This couple also makes sure we have a ride going to church every Sunday! They are wonderful people and have blessed us in many ways.

Last Sunday, Emerson played in a Filipino basketball League in Halifax and said he will drop by the Filipino store and he can pick something for me. So I asked him to get pancit canton and langonisa for me.

The longanisa only lasted for two days because my husband doesn’t like sausages so I had it all for myself. I ate it with my favorite dip, vinegar and garlic and it was heaven!

I should have stuffed my luggage with Filipino food when I came here. I didn’t realize how much I will miss it. Well, I guess the saying is true, “you’ll never know how much you’ll miss something until it’s gone.”

My family sometimes tortures me with the pictures they send to our group chat. I miss eating with my hands. I still dream of my favorite foods – tinapa, daing na bangus, sinigang, bicol express, tinola, and mango. I didn’t believe when Lincoln said that mangoes are way better in the Philippines until I tasted the mangoes here. It’s true, totally true! We ordered a glass of mango juice in one of the restaurants here and it was really disappointing.

On the positive view, I’m getting used to what I eat here. Actually, I got some of my favorites here also. I also eat rice once in a while, and to be honest, the brown rice is better here. I’m also learning how to cook Lincoln’s usual meal and I’m proud to say that I’m getting better at it. What I’m happy about is that I get to eat more healthy and get to work out with Lincoln here. Something that I don’t get to do in the Philippines.

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We almost got into trouble!

It was Sunday and the weather was really nice. Since there was a Filipino service in the afternoon at church,  My husband and I decided to attend it instead of the morning service so we can spend more time with my step-daughter before she goes back to her mom’s place in the afternoon. We decided to play and fly the small drone that her dad bought her in the park. Before we went out, I decided I will bring my dslr camera and take photos using the manual mode. I decided to figure out how it works. I took some shots which were either pure white or pure black and I wondered if I will ever figure it out or just go back to using the presets. After some unsuccessful shots, I finally got one picture where I can see an image. Yes! I was happy I didn’t give up.

We went to Allen Park and while the two were playing, I took the opportunity to practice.

I discovered that using the manual mode always needs adjusting depending on where the light is coming from. I went around to practice more.

Not bad eh? I guess I will keep on using the manual mode and maybe I will get better at it. We were lucky enough to see a squirrel and I thought I won’t be able to capture it because it was moving too fast, but suprisingly, it stayed on a branch for a moment and even looked at me!

We started flying the drone and it almost got us into trouble. I told my stepdaughter to give it a try. When she did, it went up so high that we started shouting in excitement. It turned to a tree and we lost sight where it landed. We were laughing as we rushed to find where it was. A lady from the house across the park peeked from her window and asked “what is happening?”. We stopped laughing and immediately picked up the drone and walked farther to the middle of the park. My husband said, “Okay, it means it’s enough flying for today.” I laughed and said, “Hon, this is a park and people go here to play and have fun, just relax.” I remembered my childhood and thought of the grumpy granny neighbor who always shouted at us whenever we play outside. And then my playmates and I would walk away and giggle. Oh, I miss my childhood. Since when did I understand the word problem and stress? Do you remember?

We checked the drone and one of the blades was bent. Fortunately, there were spare parts included in the box.

We tried to fly it again but it didn’t go high because the battery was almost depleted. I guess you can only fly it for some time. We played in the monkey bars and slides before we went home. We decided to pass by the brook. Of course, I took some photos along the way.

I saw bullrushes and got really curious. The two grabbed some and ripped them open and let the fluffy stuff blow away in the wind, it was wonderful. Only, our coats turned white after, good thing we managed to rub them off.

The brook was nice and we wanted to hang around a little bit more but we needed to go home on time.

It was a fun day for us. I got to experiment with my dslr camera, and overall it was a learning experience for me and really enjoyed it.

Any advice dslr experts?