Little Road Trip

The day was nice and my friend Reggie didn't have to work the day so he decided to drive and show me some places in Pictou.


Filipino friends are the best!

Maybe you are wondering how I have adjusted well here in Canada in just a short time. My Filipino friends contributed a lot to that. It is amazing how Filipinos help each other here in Pictou County. It's something that I treasure a lot.

Filipino Store in Pictou County!

If you have read my entry I miss the Filipino food! last February, I mentioned that one of my Filipino friends, Emerson bought me some goods from a Filipino store in Halifax which is a two-hour drive from where I live. I don't have a car and I don't know how to drive either so I need to wait for my friends to go there and buy some Filipino goods for me. That's not a problem anymore because there's a newly-opened Filipino store in Pictou County! Finally!

Burgers For Beginners

It was my first take on making burgers and fortunately my husband loved it, so I'm sharing this for beginners like me. Gather your ingredients and start making your first burger. Get a pan and spread butter on it. Put your formed beef patties and sprinkle pepper and salt on both sides. You need to…

First Valentine’s in Canada with hubby

How did your Valentine's Day go? I started mine by making my husband breakfast sandwiches which I shaped like hearts, although I was not actually satisfied with how it turned out.

A night with James Mullinger

A month ago when we walked the Albion trail to New Glasgow, we visited the New Glasgow Square and checked on some upcoming events. One event that caught our interest was the James Mullinger Tour showing on February 8. Lincoln decided to get the tickets.

I miss the Filipino Food!

If there's one thing I miss besides my family, it's the food from the Philippines! We're very lucky to belong in the Filipino Community here in Canada because it's makes a lot of difference. They've been settled here for quite a while, and it's a comfort that you have someone to turn to for advice…

We almost got into trouble!

It was Sunday and the weather was really nice. Since there was a Filipino service in the afternoon at church,  My husband and I decided to attend it instead of the morning service so we can spend more time with my step-daughter before she goes back to her mom's place in the afternoon. We decided…

The Joy Of Simple Walks With My Husband

My husband doesn't have a car. He doesn't see the need for it. Our house is near to the school, library, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, and other establishments. I guess that is one advantage when you live in a small town.

How Winter Taught Me To Be Thankful

It took days for it to sink in that I'm already here in Canada and finally with my husband. My first day didn't start very well. When I landed in Toronto airport, I started to  have fever. I was already wearing a jacket but it was not enough to keep me warm, I was shivering.