It’s hard for me to forgive…

Do you find it hard to forgive? If your answer is yes, then you are not alone…

At a very young age I have learned resentment. After I was molested at nine years old, not by one but two relatives, I stopped to be a normal child. I had a lot of hate inside me. I was bitter because no one was able to protect me. I hated my father for being an irresponsible and absent father. I kept the bitterness inside me for almost all my life and because of this, forgiving other people is something I always struggle with.

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Day 25 – My Biggest Regret

The biggest regret in my life is the way I treated my father when he was alive. I grew up with so much hate for him. Remembering this makes me so sad right now. When he went to Saudi Arabia to work I was 9 years old. He seldom send us money and there were […]

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