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Day 27 – What’s In My Closet

This will be the most boring blog entry of mine because…

First, I don’t find my closet very interesting. I have some clothes that I don’t even wear because they are already small because basically I got bigger and bigger and still gaining more weight. But you know I don’t dispose them because I’m still hoping that someday I can wear them again!

Second, there’s not much else in there but books, some bags and shoes. That’s it. My closet is not that fancy I only have like five hangers in there, all my clothes are folded. I’m also not a clothes or shoes buyer. I really don’t buy unless I really need them. My husband is like that too. He only buys things when he really needs it.

Finally, I try to be a minimalist and I’m embracing the thought of “Less is more” so whatever is in my closet that I won’t be able to use I’m gonna dispose it (Give it to people who might need it.)

I guess I’ll enjoy my favorite things everyday by only owning my favorite things.

How about you? What’s in your closet?